Capstone Q3 2018 Chartbook

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Capstone Quarterly Report Q3 2018

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Does your company insurance policy offer you enough life cover?

Does your company insurance scheme offer you enough life cover? Most people in Hong Kong have life insurance cover provided by their company, usually as multiple of their basic salary. It is usually three or four times your basic salary, but is this really enough to protect & provide for you and your family should the worst happen? Whilst it is convenient to rely on the life insurance your employer offers you, it can be a bad idea. Here are four reasons why:

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Capstone Quarterly Report Q2 2018

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Capstone Q2 2018 Chartbook

Our latest charts for 2018

joe bloggs

Chartered Land Surveyor, Owner

Registered Professional surveyor with extensive experience on large infrastructure works particularly tunnels. Recent experience on Large scale, fast track casino developement.

Specialties: Tunnels, Buildings (utilising BIM), Geotechnical Instrumentation.

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