Private Banking

Navigating the myriad of Private Banks and their products is extremely difficult. By appointing Capstone as your advisor, we can take this burden off your shoulders, whether opening the account or managing your portfolio.

Furthermore, we can reduce your costs significantly as we operate a more efficient client model then high cost banks.

Capstone has been appointed an “External Asset Manager” by various Private Banks and Custodial Platforms, allowing us to use their platforms and all the unique offerings available to direct clients.

Private banking offers the customer the full range of banking and lending facilities as well as portfolio management. Whilst a well-known brand provides cachet and security, in many cases, transactional costs tend to be higher than average.

joe bloggs

Chartered Land Surveyor, Owner

Registered Professional surveyor with extensive experience on large infrastructure works particularly tunnels. Recent experience on Large scale, fast track casino developement.

Specialties: Tunnels, Buildings (utilising BIM), Geotechnical Instrumentation.

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