Critical Illness Insurance

While life insurance is the most popular form of protection, statistics show that serious illness, such as a heart attack or stroke, offers a greater threat to a family’s standard of living. Even if the affected individual can still work afterwards, additional funds may be needed to cope going forwards.

We can help you arrange cover for a set list of illnesses, with payment in a lump sum to reduce liabilities, pay for childcare or structural alterations to your property if needed. Arranging this type of cover gives you time to come to terms with your condition and decide what changes you might need to make to your life.

  • Would you be able to pay for full time care or would your partner or children have to look after you?
  • Would you or your family be able to continue to save or invest for the future and the possibility of creating financial security?
  • Are you willing to gamble with your and your family’s future by not protecting yourself?

joe bloggs

Chartered Land Surveyor, Owner

Registered Professional surveyor with extensive experience on large infrastructure works particularly tunnels. Recent experience on Large scale, fast track casino developement.

Specialties: Tunnels, Buildings (utilising BIM), Geotechnical Instrumentation.

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