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Group medical insurance

Group medical insurance is an important benefit to give employees, allowing them piece of mind for them and their families during difficult times.

Having established relationships with leading global insurance providers, Capstone’s clients are able to secure tailor made coverage for their group medical insurance needs.

  • Companies looking to either save money on existing policies or provide a higher level of coverage than what they already have in place.  We can assist with both.
  • Multinational Coverage available along with High-End packages for company Executives and Key Employees.
  • Institutional discounts and rates for large groups and packages with comprehensive cover.
  • Medical History Disregarded (MHD) – Enables employers to secure normal under writing terms without needing the medical history of all their employees.
  • Centralised administration - Online platform available for employers to consolidate the company's insurance policies i.e. medical, life, liability, etc
  • Improves employee retention as it gives peace of mind to employees and their families are taken care of during difficult times in sickness and death.