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The Last Thing You Will Think About

Let's face facts, life assurance is not something we ever want to consider but sadly most people have nowhere near the amount of cover they need to protect themselves or their family.

According to, "Many experts recommend a sum equal to ten times your annual salary, but you might settle on a figure closer to 25 times your annual earnings, especially if you are the main breadwinner and you have several young children"

Employers normally provide cover, this is rarely sufficient to protect you and your family fully.

Key Facts to Consider

  • How would your loved ones cope with a total loss of income if you passed away?
  • Who would meet the mortgage and education fees should the unthinkable happen to your family's main breadwinner?
  • Could your family continue with the lifestyle you have provided should you suddenly pass away?
  • You should conduct a regular review of your protection needs as life changes, such as increased monthly commitments, promotion or changes in other personal circumstances.

Capstone Financial Group are independent and will search the market for the policy that's right for you and provides the best value.

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